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Time Manaagement Skills for Nurses

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Time Management Skills for Nurses is an eBook ©2016 by Kathy Quan RN BSN PHN.

Time management and organizational skills are important skills to possess and to work to improve throughout your nursing career. Nursing is one of the most challenging careers both physically and emotionally. Having time management on your side can help you provide more efficient care with fewer omissions and errors. Patient outcomes will be improved along with the quality of care provided. With the ever-present nurse to patient ratio issues, and growing shortages of nurses, time management grows ever more important to quality nursing care and preventing caregiver fatigue and burnout.

When you can provide more and better patient education because you have a good handle on your day, you will help lower your readmissions. Everyone benefits. This Ebook shares some basic but essential tips for improving your Time Management Skills. Purchase your copy below.

This eBook is ©2016 by Kathy Quan RN BSN PHN. No portion of it may be reproduced in any format without written permission of the author.

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