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More About Entrance Exams and Practice Tests
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Most RN as well as LVN/LPN nursing schools require an entrance exam. Nursing Students must be able to comprehend science textbooks which are written at a 10th grade reading level. This is considered to be the "norm" for adult reading levels for all college applicants. Algebra is essential for medication calculations. The reading and math abilities combined give a good indication of the ability to use critical thinking skills which are essential to RN programs, as well as to predict a candidates ability to successfully complete the nursing course and pass their boards.
Required Entrance Exams
Check with your nursing program(s) for the exam they require. One of these required exams is the NET, or Nursing Entrance Test. It is a computer-based test which consists of seven parts. These include:
  • math skills (from basics through algebra)
  • science textbooks
  • a reading rate exam
  • an evaluation of test-taking skills
  • a stress level profile
  • a social interaction profile
  • learning style evaluation
Another popular nursing entrance exam is the TEAS or Test of Essential Academic Skills from Assessment Technologies Institute, LLC. It is administered by ATI Testing. The TEAS ATI is the 6th edition of this exam. If you have taken a previous version, you may be able to use those results, but you must always take the most current version. Check with your school(s) for verification you may use prior test scores.
The TEAS test covers four areas:
  • Math (including whole numbers, algebraic equations, metric conversions, fractions and decimals)
  • Reading (comprehension and reading rate)
  • English (spelling, grammar, punctuation and vocabulary)
  • Science (biology, chemistry, A&P, physical science, and general science)
The tests are comprised of multiple choice questions and not all of the questions will be counted in each scoring. You won't know which ones count and which ones don't, so be sure to answer all of the questions to the best of your ability.
Most schools require at least a score of 50 on the math and reading comprehension sections. (Check with your school for specific expectations.) The English and Science portions of the TEAS are counted by most schools with a minimum score. Check with your school for specific expectations on all sections.

What About Scores on the Other Sections of the NET?

All sections of the NET must be completed. The math and reading scores count towards entrance eligibility, but the other 5 sections do not count towards eligibility. They are designed to help students and the schools predict success in nursing school. How outside stressors, coping skills as well as learning styles will affect individual progress.

Study Guides

The NET study guide is available at college libraries and resource centers or online.
Other nursing entrance exam study guide options are also available nursing entrance exams" rel="external">from Amazon.

Can I Take It Again?

You may retest after 60 days for a maximum of three times in a year. Each time you must take the entire test. The cost of each exam is approximately $25.00(USD), but this can vary by school and location.

For More Information and to Sign Up
Check with the schools you are applying to for entrance exam requirements. The exams are required as part of the application process. Most schools offer a testing date at their campus or have deadlines/guidelines for submitting scores from previous testing.

Practice Tests Online

You can take free NET online practice tests. One such site is You can take a practice TEAS Test online as well.