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How to Finance Your Nursing Education

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Loan Forgiveness for Nurses
The shortage of nurses has allowed for nurses to receive loan forgiveness under certain circumstances which vary by degree and state requirements. Usually serving the underserved areas is a primary requirement, but even that is not always a given. has put together a comprehensive report providing you with the research to discover if you can have your loans forgiven.

What Does Your School Offer?

Your college or university program may have grants
and scholarships available to nursing students. You can
obtain this information from your financial aid office,
or the nursing department.

Private Loans and Grants
Private sector loans, grants and other assistance from
your local service organizations are also place to
search. Loans need to be repaid, but some can be
deferred until after your graduation, and others carry
very low interest rates, and you pay only the interest
until after you complete your education. Be sure to
compare, and to read the small print!

Don't Overlook Anything!
Every little bit of aid will help, and no small amount is
too small to be worth your effort. It may only help to
purchase a text book, but education costs add up
rapidly. Your employer, your parent’s employers, or
spouse’s employers may also offer education
assistance programs.

Online Searches
A very helpful site is
Nurse Web Search. Another is
Fast Web which will search for opportunities on an
ongoing basis and notify you by e-mail as opportunities
arise. You can even have it remind you by e-mail when
an offer is about to expire.

College you can sign up for searches of
the private sector for scholarships and other aid, but
there is a cost involved so be sure to research it
thoroughly before laying out any money.