Nurses are Masters at the Fine Art of Caring

A Checklist of Nursing Procedures

By Kathy Quan RN BSN PHN
©2007-present All Rights Reserved

This checklist of nursing procedures is universal to all nursing procedures whether they are performed in a hospital, clinic, physician's office, home health or other health care setting. It can be adapted to meet the needs of your health care setting as appropriate.

• Verify the physician's (practitioner's) order
• DO NO HARM!!! Review the procedure and Ask for help if you've never done this before
• Gather all necessary equipment (charge it out as appropriate)
• Identify the patient
• Introduce yourself and explain the procedure to the patient
• Wash your hands
• Don necessary protective equipment (gloves, gown, goggles, etc.)
• Provide for patient privacy including draping as necessary
• Perform procedure according to protocol
• Utilize proper body mechanics
• Position patient for comfort
• Explain each step to the patient
• Observe patient's response to all steps
• Clean and position patient for comfort. Return bed to original position and adjust side rails. Leave call light within reach.
• Remove all equipment and clean or dispose of per protocols
• Document findings and outcomes
• Notify MD (or other practitioner) of any unusual findings or change in condition
• Instruct patient in aftercare protocol
• Answer patient's questions or direct them to resources for answers (such as the PCP)

Source: This list is partially compiled from a list originally written by the Indiana State University Nursing Departmen